Introducing Kickback

Kickback is a podcast platform that leverages cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Through a decentralized, user-owned, crypto-based network, Kickback is revolutionizing the way podcasted are shared and monetized.

Podcasts Reimagined

At Kickback, we want to revolutionize what podcasting platforms could look like for hosts and listeners alike by adding a plethora of revolutionary features such as playlists for podcasts, NFT memberships, crowdfunding for new shows, donations, and a weekly lottery for consistent listeners.

Win Crypto

The podcasters and listeners are the lifeblood of Kickback. That’s why we feel it’s only fair to compensate them for their use of the platform. At the end of every week we will take our 50% cut of the ad revenue and give a large percentage right back to one lucky consistent listener in our weekly lottery. The more you listen, the higher chance you'll win.