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Sats & Gwei 15 | Acqusition, Integrations, Crypto mining attacks & more in Africa🌍 preview

Sats & Gwei 15 | Acqusition, Integrations, Crypto mining attacks & more in Africa🌍Bankless Africa Podcast

Bankless Africa presents Sats & Gwei, a podcast for your weekly crypto news update from all around Africa! The Africa Crypto scene continues to buzz with activities every week. Prices of major currencies have remained relatively stable, with slightly noticeable changes in a few instances across the board. Africans continue to innovate despite harsh operating conditions and the bear. A major win recorded in the past week is the acquisition of the parent company of Africa’s acclaimed first proof of work token, the Safcoin.  More efforts are being directed towards blockchain security, with a resultant effect of a decline in crypto-mining attacks. More innovative strategies such as the collaboration between Fuse blockchain and ChromePay are aimed at placing decentralized finance and web3 technologies in the hands of the ordinary African.  African blockchain startups continue to attract huge slews of foreign investment, notably Yellowcard, from its just concluded series B funding round. Moreso, in recognition of the potential permanence and revolutionary power of cryptocurrencies, regulatory bodies in more African countries across the continent are clamoring for its adoption Education remains the driving force for crypto awareness. Binance continues to remain at the helm of this affair in Africa, through its unrelenting efforts to bring blockchain education to people in many different demographics across the African continent. .  Thank you for tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a rating/review. Sats & Gwei is a BanklessAfrica podcast that brings you weekly crypto/web3 headlines about the Africa continent. Stay up to date with the most relevant crypto happenings across Africa. Disclaimer: None of what is shared in this show is financial advice. Only the opinions of the individuals that make this show possible. Remember to always do your own research.  Follow our Twitter https://twitter.com/Bankless_Africa  Follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=4zmo4lqcj8rr&utm_content=n74dwjoFollow us on linkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/bankless-africa-799178233Join us on telegram https://t.me/banklessafrica Subscribe to our newsletter https://banklessafrica.substack.com/ Learn more about crypto and web 3 on our website https://banklessafrica.com/