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Eth Safari | Celebrating the Decentralized Future in Africa preview

Eth Safari | Celebrating the Decentralized Future in AfricaBankless Africa Podcast

The journey through the ethereum ecosystem in Africa would be incomplete without storytelling to describe the far reaching influence it has had on the development of the African web3 space. This episode features David Mortech, a builder in web3 since 2016 and Alfred Opon, fanatic for creator economies and fintech. They are both software developers, and core contributors at ETHSafari with an aim to foster cooperation and rapid growth within the African web3 tech community. The goal is to achieve this through collaborative efforts, strategic team-play, impact projects and education.     The stage for the event is set for Kenya and will stretch across regions including Nairobi and Mombasa. Africa has come a long way in its journey through the web3 and decentralised finance space. The EthSafari conference aims to take stakeholders in the space down memory lane, on a journey to describe where it all started and how far it has come.   A series of events including a bootcamp and hackathon have been lined-up as pre-events to kickoff the ETHSafari tour. The hackathon is free to sign up for and is intended to feature builders and innovators in web3 from all around Africa to build solutions for Africans. Details of the event are on the website and twitter page.     Website: https://ethsafari.xyz/  Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ETHSafari    David and Alfred, through this event, want to give contributors in web3 an opportunity to showcase the wealth of talent that exists in the African Web3 space. The commitment and efforts of the ETHSafari team remain channelled towards creating opportunities for builders in web3 and driving transformational initiatives to impact physically, beyond the digital world If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a rating/review. The Bankless Africa show highlights projects, ecosystems, and people making an impact and driving crypto adoption across Africa. Get informed on all things bitcoin, Defi, NFTs, web3, and everything in-between. Disclaimer: None of what is shared in this show is financial advice. Only the opinions of the individuals that make this show possible. Remember to always do your own research (DYOR).    Follow our Twitter https://twitter.com/Bankless_Africa  Follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/bankless_africa/ Follow us on linkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/bankless-africa-799178233 Join us on telegram https://t.me/banklessafrica  Subscribe to our newsletter https://banklessafrica.substack.com/ Learn more about crypto and web 3 on our website https://banklessafrica.com/