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Making Bank: TalentDAO, DeSci and more with Saulthorin preview

Making Bank: TalentDAO, DeSci and more with SaulthorinMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

Today’s guest is Saulthorin, aka BanklessChick.eth. Sauthorin has a professional background focused on graph analytics in the context of social networks. She joined BanklessDAO in July of 2021, becoming active first in analytics, and is currently an elected role holder on the Governance Solutions Engineer or GSE team.

In her ‘spare time’, she launched TalentDAO, which is studying layer zero and building human coordination experiments so that we might all benefit. In simplest terms, they are using science to fix DAOs and DAOs to fix science.

talentDAO is a community of digital vagabonds, deranged scientists, and renegade internet natives, passionate about DAOs and the future of work. We believe DAOs can provide a path forward where knowledge is decentralized and talent is unlocked for the betterment of society.

Discord: Saulthorin#7696

Twitter: https://twitter.com/saulthorin




Orange Protocol:https://app.orangeprotocol.io/campaigns


00:30 Intro

01:50 TalentDAO’s Gitcoin round discussion

13:36 Why DAOs

18:26 Building a personal network stack

23:55 Decentralized Science

35:21 Orange Protocol and TalentDAO partnership

44:33 Contributing to projects

52:07 Call to action

54:59 Closing thoughts


Today's Host - Droste



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Making Bank