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A Wedge in Web3Web3 w/ Me

My guest today is Jeremiah Long. He is a builder in Web3, and NFT Archaeologist, He organized one of Atlanta’s first Web3 conferences, NFT ATL. He is executive direct of Wedge, a nonprofit Web3 education organization with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and representation in the tech space. Jeremiah has worked in Product Management, Television, Marketing, Production, and Branding for over 20 years. 

We discuss:

Starting from section 8 housing and a single mother, Jeremiah created opportunities by leveraging the information made available by the internet and now Web3.

Jeremiah’s tireless curiosity across multiple disciplines coming together in Web3

Surprising number of people who created on FLOW, but ease-of-use on ETH ultimately won out

Jeremiah’s emphasis on narrative as an NFT creator

Gary Vee’s How to Make 100 Pieces of Content per Day

Start as an NFT Architect with a piece of late night discord alpha to becoming obsessed with historical NFTs

Bitcoin NFTs

Chronicles of a Degen

NFT ATL Conference

Wedge, Jeremiah’s Nonprofit

Jeremiah’s Flow-based NFT archives

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