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Contrarian Conviction in Web3 w/ Shahar Abrams preview

Contrarian Conviction in Web3 w/ Shahar AbramsWeb3 w/ Me

My guest today is Shahar Abrams (https://twitter.com/ShaharAbrams). Shahar was one of the earliest Web3 educators in the Atlanta area, which is how we had the pleasure of meeting. A couple years into his consulting career with IBM, he read a book that would send him deep down the Web3 rabbit hole. He worked his way over to the enterprise blockchain team there and became a very active investor in BTC. Ultimately liquidating all of his funds from his first 5 years of working to put it in BTC. He is one of my first guests with extensive DeFi experience, and provides an amazing framework to think about it. Currently he is Head of Product for Rodo, a company putting car titles on the blockchain, he is still conducting research to start a DeFi fund and producing a Web3 film. His consistent, yet critical conviction in this space is fascinating. 

Show Notes & Topics:

  • Shahar’s career journey from actor to consultant before finding a home in Web3
  • The Business Blockchain as the book that sent Shahar down the rabbit hole 
  • Shahar’s first bear market in 2017/18
  • Shahar’s article in The Defiant, Buying Real World Assets By Leveraging Crypto 
  • The importance of psychology in investing, and when conviction overtakes conventional wisdom
  • The role of attending conferences in building Shahar’s conviction
  • Shahar’s Web3 Use Case Matrix
  • Web3 as the internet of value
  • What is DeFi? It starts with understanding Finance from first principles, then making them more accessible and more permissionless. Democratizing market making. How competitiveness drives down fees. 
  • Web3 ATL coming up in November 2023
  • Shahar’s Head of Product Role at Rodo helping put car titles on the blockchain
  • Future goals with a DeFi Fund
  • Coming full circle with a Web3 film

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