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Decentralized Flavor Savior w/ Giuseppe Stuto (@gstuto) preview

Decentralized Flavor Savior w/ Giuseppe Stuto (@gstuto)Web3 w/ Me

My guest today is Giuseppe Stuto (https://twitter.com/gstuto). He is the first US-born member of his family who was from Italy. He is a deep technical thinker who does a great job of using analogies to explain his outlook on investing in Web3. He founded his first company fresh out of college, and sold it to DraftKings a few years later. Giuseppe started angel investing while at DraftKings, and ultimately partnered up to form 186ventures. He plays on his unique technical experience as a founder to help provide a value add to his portfolio companies. We go deep on the potential for Web3 infrastructure and developer tools. 

Show Notes:

The founding story of 186 ventures (https://www.186ventures.com

Learning through failures as a startup founder

The limitations of a value-add VC

Strategic vs Institutional Investors

How builders fleeing and corporates not following through on blockchain/distributed ledger initiatives in 2020 initially turned Giuseppe off of Web3. Then the signals that lead him back in. 

Macro problems holding back growth on a global scale, and how Web3 can help

Decentralization exists on a spectrum, and we need to respect that

4 quadrant of Web3 Companies - (1) Asset Innovation; (2) Liquidity Solutions; (3) Decentralized B2B/B2C-ownership of fractionalized data; (4) Developer Tool and Infrastructure

Current state of developer tools in Web3 and @Alchemy (https://twitter.com/AlchemyPlatform

 What is Web2.5?

Using public market sentiment and regulatory environment to gauge success

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