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Reimagining the Sports Fan Experience preview

Reimagining the Sports Fan ExperienceWeb3 w/ Me

My guest today is Marcia Caporn, Chief Revenue Officer of Credenza3, a Web3 company that facilitates "direct to fan" relationships while creating new revenue opportunities in the areas of advertising/sponsorship, content, ticketing, merchandise and game day executions. Marcia is laser focused on the importance of fan engagement and optimizing your professional athlete window. As a former professional golfer and soccer player, she knows the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with your fans. She is a former business and employment law litigator turned sports executive which helped her specialize in strategy and development in emerging revenue sectors for sports partners in both Australia and the US. As CRO of Credenza, she is working to revolutionize how fans interact with their favorite athletes and teams. 

Show Notes & Topics Covered:

  • Being a pre-title IX women athlete who went pro
  • Theresia Gouw, Founder of Acrew Capital, pointing Marcia to the Web3 rabbit hole
  • First iteration of the relationship between pro sports and Web3 
  • Finding a founder who had experience building and exiting a blockchain ticketing application by acquisition to Ticketmaster
  • Coping with insecurity as a female athlete
  • Rabbit hole research strategy
  • Ticketing, merchandise, content, concessions and sponsorship as fiefdoms in the sports world
  • Shortening the feedback loop with digital wallets
  • Credenza as a solution for fans, teams, leagues and stadiums
  • Importance of frictionless onboarding without a self-custody wallet and fiat
  • Does sports want a frontend or backend solution?
  • Floating digital wallets
  • Understanding fans from their interests outside sports
  • Dynamic collaborations voted on by fans
  • What owning the fan experience means for an athlete beyond their playing years

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