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Ep. 10 [GitcoinDAO] Insights for Optimizing Team Dynamics & Contributor Alignment ~ Disruption Joe preview

Ep. 10 [GitcoinDAO] Insights for Optimizing Team Dynamics & Contributor Alignment ~ Disruption JoeThe Clique Podcast

Disruption Joe, FDD Workstream Lead for GitcoinDAO joins us to discuss how the Gitcoin community & contributor base evolved to be such an impactful community & the processes they put in place to make it happen. His insights that came out of those experiences too We talk about: His life before he joined the Gitcoin team in 2018, how he turned out to be one of the first from the company to transition to the DAO to oversee the FDD Workstream The transition from web2 to the DAO structure, how the teams & process evolved within the newly formed DAO structure & the best practices that shaped up within the work streams allowing for impact-driven team dynamics How they developed the space for emergent contributors to weave into the Gitcoin ethos & values & deliver on fulfilling workstream objectives Why does being exclusive allow for a tight bunch of mission-driven contributors rather than being all inclusive Discussing how reputation systems can be optimized for better community onboarding & hiring, how Gitcoin passport is like a tech stack that enables community to communicate & connect better key data points How he finds the Gitcoin Grants Proposal, Gitcoin user registry, etc to be exciting future developments for GitcoinDAO And on a parting note, Joe briefly describes how enabling hyperstructures would be a game-changing development for the DAO space. Important Links Disruption Joe - Twitter GitcoinDAO - Website, Twitter Follow us at Abhishek Ajit - Twitter Abhishek Sonawane - Twitter