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Ep. 09 [Artizen Fund] Building a Public Goods Funding Model for Powering Human Creativity ~ Rene Pinnell preview

Ep. 09 [Artizen Fund] Building a Public Goods Funding Model for Powering Human Creativity ~ Rene PinnellThe Clique Podcast

Technology, climate change & social causes dominate the web3 discourse & activity when it comes to public goods funding. However if society is to re-shape itself for tremendous possibilities, then there’s nothing more vibrant & fulfilling than backing human creativity, the expression of arts, film & culture.

Tune in to the journey of Rene Pinnell, founder of Artizen Fund, a DAO that’s building a quadratic funding based public goods model for initiatives of human creativity such as art, culture, open source etc & was also a co-founder of FreeRossDAO.

We get into:

1. His experience in the film industry & switching to design & tech for making an impact

2. His journey of iterating accelerator programs through Kaleidoscope & grants based models for creators for over 10 years, the insights from iterating these grants & the hurdles faced that inspired them to get into web3 & continue their mission

3. Implementing the DAO structure for governance, fair curation & improving the donor experience through issuance of NFT artifacts for every grant project on the platform

4. How Artizen Fund plans to tackle the issue of censorship of projects that we’ve seen in other grant projects

5. Discussing ideas along with iterations of his past platform & to ensure unbiased discoverability of grants, a tough design problem to tackle

6. Roadmap for Artizen Fund, Proof of Contribution NFTs. Also looking to integrate community curation into the platform & evolving into a SAAS model where anyone can create their own community fund

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