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Degens to Developers - Leveraging Collective Intelligence to Build a Better World preview

Degens to Developers - Leveraging Collective Intelligence to Build a Better WorldWeb3 w/ Me

My guest today is Brian Christensen (https://www.linkedin.com/in/iambrianchristensen/), who is the founder of Blockcities in the verse. Brian is a multidisciplinary creator working to bring about a brighter, more sustainable future using blockchain technology. Brian's background encompasses over a decade of experience investing in real estate, with additional disciplines in product development, software development, and data aggregation.

The Blockcities platform is a bridge between digital and physical worlds, where users are able to bring concepts into physical form through a process of Voting, Reservation and Investment into tokenized assets.






We discuss:

A revelation Brian couldn’t unsee in 2007 leading to him purchasing property with the intent to leverage collective intelligence, just as #ETH was founded. 

How and why we need to completely rethink the way cities and societies are designed and formed through Blockcities and others - 






#Web3 defined by practical application - recognizing identity as sovereign to regain control of our data; decentralization; and how far we have to go find the really powerful applications

Coinbase earn-to-learn and bitcoin cashapp as good ways to intro folks to crypto.

The power of #blockchain and #smartcontract enabling artists to realize more value for their creations especially in the unique way of creating a physical, #IRL objects or developments.

Who are the stakeholders in Blockcities and how can anyone participate? From buying NFTs in their virtual world to submitting proposals for developments in the physical world. Beta release coming SOON after 4+ years in development. 

How leveraging construction templates with modular construction will enable people to realize their creations through Blockcities.

Combining capital stacks to fund real estate development for the first time

Using native Blockcities token $BLKCT to incentivize referrals who can participate in various aspects of the project

Current companies trying to tackle securitizing and transacting with tokens, both fungible and NFT. Propy (https://twitter.com/PropyInc) Securitize (https://twitter.com/Securitize)  

The intersection between #profitability, #sustainability and #creativity

The power of a Special Purpose Vehicle or SPV to fund real change in the way we build more cities.

Thanks for listening! Did...