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Making Bank: Bankless Card with Links and NFThinker preview

Making Bank: Bankless Card with Links and NFThinkerMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

Today’s guests are two of the core team members on the Bankless Card project. Links is project champion and NFThinker is an original founding member.

BanklessCard is a debit card for DAO contributors, by DAO contributors. Still in development, BanklessCard aims to allow cardholders to earn governance tokens in their DAO of choice.

Links is a self-described “startup artist” and joined BanklessDAO in September 2021. He is currently an elected member and lead of the Grants Committee and a core contributor in both the Project Management Guild and on the BanklessCard project.

NF Thinker is a designer, communicator, and tech geek. He’s a long time BanklessDAO contributor and, in addition to the Bankless Card project, he’s been deeply involved in Design Guild, DAOlationships, Bankless Academy, Fight Club and frequently co-hosts AMAs in BanklessDAO Twitter Spaces.

Follow Links and NFThinker: Twitter:https://twitter.com/almithanihttps://twitter.com/theNFThinker

Bankless Card on Twitter:https://twitter.com/banklesscard

Links as guest on PoolTogether community podcast, 16 Jul 2022:


Product planning hub:https://bankless.notion.site/Bankless-Card-4a78678c5519489cb4212f21558a7190

Prelaunch signup: https://tally.so/r/wvGj9X

V1 pitch deck: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cVPZo50qOAJcYVaLoGdrOZ-lzye8DYJStdCzRQXjp9o/edit#slide=id.g13fcf9f3fda_0_7


01:50 Who is Bankless Card for?

04:45 Priorities and how Bankless Card differs from other cards

12:00 Vision for Bankless Card

16:00 Value alignment and brand identity

19:00 Launch plans

22:45 On community, the team, and building DAOs

30:00 Closing thoughts and call to action


Today's Host - Droste



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Making Bank