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Ep. 19 [Panvala] - Harnessing Collective Action for Self Organizing Communities ~ Niran Babalola preview

Ep. 19 [Panvala] - Harnessing Collective Action for Self Organizing Communities ~ Niran BabalolaThe Clique Podcast

DAOs are one of the best frameworks of organizing communities globally with layers of ownership, on-chain decision-making, reputation systems & much more. Those frameworks are just ordinary instruments without the cultural alignment of proper collective action that can be taken up by DAOs for the ideal outcome of self-sustainability & organization.

In this episode, we talk with Niran Babalola, founder of Panvala, a self-sustainable ecosystem that wants to move funds away from the marketing economy to self-organized, Panvala aligned communities through PAN token participation & Panvala stamp campaigns

We talk about:

His background before crypto, how it represented a seed to a better collective world & what Panvala’s about

How Panvala’s different from Gitcoin, the various parts of the ecosystem like PAN Token & the Panvala stamps, looking at moving from an attention economy to a collective economy

Talking about what collective action means & why DAOs have not even scratched the surface of what could be possible with collective action

Why strong community narratives are the key to cohesive collective action within your DAO

Why inter community cooperation within the DAO ecosystem is key for a vibrant collective action mindset & exudes the common core values even more brightly

Niran also discusses with the duo about why creating frameworks of social capital incentivizes a strong sense of agency that grows sustainable collective action & also gets into the broader roadmap for Panvala ahead.

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