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The Royals NFT | Creating an Onchain Royal Family w/ Dr. Hans preview

The Royals NFT | Creating an Onchain Royal Family w/ Dr. HansBankless Africa Podcast

Bridging the global inclusion divide in technology and finance has been made even more seamless through blockchain technologies. Dr. Hans Boateng is the founder and key-person of The Royals NFT & The Investing Tutor. His deep passion to help his local community build generational wealth led him to create the first investment tutoring business in the United States and the first luxury travel NFT to showcase African culture.  The Royals NFT was created out of a recognized need for diversity and inclusion of the underrepresented populations in the global crypto community. His vision is to create a Royal Family on the blockchain that welcomes everyone, host one-of-a-kind experiences across the globe, and bring different cultures together to build a more inclusive metaverse.  The notion that crypto is a scam which gained vague popularity at the onset is now phasing out. Hans speaks of buying and holding assets as a means to creating wealth, pointing out cryptocurrency and NFTs as a means to achieving this end . He touches on the need for African people to adopt blockchain technologies.  The Royals NFT allows holders to show the world that they are vested in African culture and excellence, with the collection currently on Ghanian culture ankara and kente. Holders will be invited to attend a physical fair in Ghana to experience the country’s rich African heritage and have an immersive experience of the culture through a series of specially tailored series of events. Hans voices his opinion on the need to develop projects that will appeal to people in this demographic. This is with the mindset that products should be developed with a value proposition tailored to appeal to the target audience. The project aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the NFT space by allowing holders to experience various cultures from all over the world. Thank you for tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a rating/review.   The bankless Africa show highlights projects, ecosystems, and people making an impact and driving crypto adoption across Africa. Get informed on all things bitcoin, Defi, NFTs, web3, and everything in-between.   Disclaimer: None of what is shared in this show is financial advice. Only the opinions of the individuals that make this show possible. Remember to always do your own research. Follow our Twitter https://twitter.com/Bankless_Africa  Follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=4zmo4lqcj8rr&utm_content=n74dwjoFollow us on linkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/bankless-africa-799178233Join us on telegram https://t.me/banklessafrica Subscribe to our newsletter https://banklessafrica.substack.com/ Learn more about crypto and web 3 on our website https://banklessafrica.com/