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Ep.04 [Gateway] Decentralized Credentialing - A Game-changer for web3? ~ Ayyan Rahman preview

Ep.04 [Gateway] Decentralized Credentialing - A Game-changer for web3? ~ Ayyan RahmanThe Clique Podcast

In this episode, we've Ayyan Rahman, co-founder of Gateway, a decentralized protocol for organizations or people to issue & receive credentials to discuss the story of Gateway & the various use cases of credentialing it can enable for the web3 ecosystem.

We discuss:

His foray into web3 & how he got fascinated by DAOs

Reasons for poor widespread adoption of credentialing systems in web3

Immediate credentialing use cases in crypto

How Gateway allows for building reputation systems that upgrade a DAO's onboarding & hiring processes

Best practices for DAOs to ensure proper credentialing for onboarding & hiring

Roadmap ahead for the Gateway platform

We also get into how reputation systems can allow for meritocratic, fair communities in web3 & the cool future that Gateway & the rest of their dID partners can enable down the road.

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