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Ep. 21 [WGMI DAO] Creating a Community Oriented Service DAO, the CM Mindset & More ~ Addigator preview

Ep. 21 [WGMI DAO] Creating a Community Oriented Service DAO, the CM Mindset & More ~ AddigatorThe Clique Podcast

In this episode, we’ve Addigator, Chief of Staff for WGMI DAO, a MetaCartel backed collective/serviceDAO of folk ranging from web3 pros to community managers who are keen to provide education on-ramps, community management related consulting services & community tech stacks & matchmaking community professionals with partner projects, talk about the WGMI DAO story, what goes into building a collective/service DAO delivering community best practices & into the xp of what it takes to be a good community manager

We talk about:

Her life before her entry into crypto & how the desire to spreading affordable healthcare insurance options & entrepreneurial initiatives formed the catalyst for her eventual contribution to DAOs

How she started out by being a community manager for DAOs like Chainforest & NY based communities & work on the bleeding edge of crypto

The origin story for WGMI DAO & how she came to contribute to it, how WGMI DAO turned out to be a service DAO matchmaking great community people with vetted projects

The vision of WGMI DAO as a community & the services offered, imparting community skill sets to CMs, offering consulting services for founders about community growth & community management & community-related tech stacks

How the DAO structure looks like & the pathways to contribution

How does the educational onramp for imparting skill sets works & how do they handle the matchmaking for community professionals, what it’s like working with web3 projects as clients

How they ensure the standard for quality CM services & a feeling of ownership among CMs & more how they operate as a collective

Her perspective on how CMs deal with burnouts, certain xp that they’ve to deal with & what WGMI DAO’s deliver with respect to mental health & crisis messaging-related soft skills

About the WGMI DAO IRL event happening in DevCon Bogota & plans for more events + roadmap ahead, her advice for service DAOs dealing with the early stage of the DAO cycle

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