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Ep. 23 [MedDAO] Building a Hyperstructure For Healthcare 3.0 ~ Dr. Brad Zacharia & George Cecil preview

Ep. 23 [MedDAO] Building a Hyperstructure For Healthcare 3.0 ~ Dr. Brad Zacharia & George CecilThe Clique Podcast

What happens when the medical community & stakeholders across the globe unite to make healthcare 3.0 possible with the help of web3 tools like DAO frameworks, NFT credentials? MedDAO is the conception of such an effort as a DAO that facilitates the distribution of key medical knowledge between healthcare providers, patients & other stakeholders on a global level.

In our first ever video convo, we chat with Dr. Brad Zacharia & George Cecil, core contributors for MedDAO as they discuss the key issues that plague the trad healthcare industry like siloed healthcare data (in terms of geography or regs, lack of sovereignty for patient data or poor autonomy for physicians etc., that’s opened up the use cases for medDAO

We discuss briefly about the MedDAO structure & roadmap, ideating about their community plans & how the web3 community will play a deep role with MedDAO. Brad & George also gets into the overview & the motivation behind the Knowledge Request Framework, a key piece of the MedDAO offering that allows for the on-chain distribution of key medical data between these stakeholders.

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