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Ep. 13 [PolygonDAO] - Setting up a foundational mindset for governing Social DAOs - Tommy Olofsson preview

Ep. 13 [PolygonDAO] - Setting up a foundational mindset for governing Social DAOs - Tommy OlofssonThe Clique Podcast

Tune in to the episode with Tommy Olofsson, Operations Lead from PolygonDAO as he points out how the potential of social DAOs has been imperiled due to a lack of foundational thought about setting up the governance processes & consequent alignment of incentives.

We talk about:

How Tommy found his way to the BanklessDAO Discord, started contributing there & eventually made his way to becoming a genesis member of PolygonDAO

What the focus of PolygonDAO is all about & what it’s like to contribute there, a brief chat about the governance process as well

What a social DAO’s all about & what he feels are the missing ingredients for ensuring his success

How to build the foundation for a successful social DAO or community, why vibes, initial operational processes & governance processes should be kept with sustainability in mind

Discussing how balancing attention between operational, governance processes & the culture, vibes is key for success, why he feels members of social DAOs should be made to participate in these processes

Discussing ideas & his insights (it’s a brilliant rant by him btw) for a minimum viable governance, aligning incentives accordingly for these social DAOs

We also discuss briefly on how to form a community structure for proper alignment & community cohesion, strong governance & operational effectiveness

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