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Ep. 22 [Wonderverse] The Chemistry of Community Building ~ Madam Cult Leader En preview

Ep. 22 [Wonderverse] The Chemistry of Community Building ~ Madam Cult Leader EnThe Clique Podcast

Web3 is all about community as it continues to build a revolution that empowers contributors & a bottoms-up mentality. However, community building ain't easy & has a lot of variables to factor in, especially as the product moves from the early stage to the mature stage of the lifecycle. In this episode, the duo has a chat with En, Head of Community over at Wonderverse, a project management tool for DAOs as we discuss the intricacies of community building as a retrospective of En’s journey with Wonderverse

We talk about:

How En’s desire for facilitating community & widespread entrepreneurial initiative led to the fascination for DAOs & how a serendipitous encounter with the Wonderverse founders created the opportunity to become an early Wonderverse employee

En’s early beliefs about DAOs coming from a background in chemistry, how the chemistry background & tutoring enabled En to transition to community management

What Wonderverse is all about, how it helps the DAO space & why En resonates with Wonderverse strongly

How Wonderverse developed their community & En’s lessons of community building from that journey, ideas they’re executing to foster their community

En’s insights on building a community during pre-product, early-stage through creating a mission statement, and values & communicating that to the community

How rebranding Wonderverse’s season cycle into Orbits helped keep the community cohesive

Musing about energy management for communities, hubs across time zones creating bridges to fill the gaps of a global community

How to assess your existing community & orienting the product for the target audience, why Wonderverse caters to the intermediate side of the DAO community

En also talks about Having co-op within DAO tools as an easy way to foster community & the roadmap ahead for Wonderverse

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