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Ep. 05 [PolygonDAO] Community Management for Optimal DAO Community Health ~ Coach Viking preview

Ep. 05 [PolygonDAO] Community Management for Optimal DAO Community Health ~ Coach VikingThe Clique Podcast

Being a Community Manager for a DAO is sometimes a thankless job, you’re at the front of the community dealing with all sorts of people in an ecosystem fickle to market movements & sentiments. In such a situation, you gotta have the right mindset & practices to ensure you stay effective as a CM & orient the DAO towards its mission

In this episode, we listen avidly to the experiences & insights of Coach Viking, a self-effacing, chill (yet brutally upfront, when he has to be :P) guy, who is a genesis member & lead CM of PolygonDAO. He’s also a key member of BanklessDAO who’s been instrumental in setting up the DAOlationships Guild.

We talk about:

His story about how he got into crypto & DAOs

Experiences handling community management for these DAOs

Balancing community calls or async comms - how to decide the right approach for optimal team productivity

Correlation of bull-bear markets & DAO community/contributor sentiment - trends he’s seen & how to manage the community through these markets

Setting boundaries & systemizing a DAO for work-life balance to reduce burnouts & sustain motivation for contributors, other ideas for sustaining care & health of community members

How to facilitate spontaneous leadership & action from the community - good advice on how to stop being a lurker

How exuding & aligning core DAO values to the ideal personal values of a community member is important for effective engagement

We also discuss how communication between CMs & core team is important to understand the pulse of the community.

Important Links:

Coach Viking - Twitter

PolygonDAO - Twitter, Discord

BanklessDAO - Twitter, Discord

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