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Making Bank: Tony Stark member interview preview

Making Bank: Tony Stark member interviewMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

Tony Stark joined BanklessDAO right around the genesis of BanklessAfrica and began his journey working on the BanklessAfrica website. He has been serving a role as BanklessAfrica Tech Steward since, and is now also part of the Mad Hatter Management Crew.

In this episode, Tony Stark joins salmanneedsajob on an episode of Making Bank, as Tony tells us about his experience learning web3, journey within BanklessAfrica and the dev guild in BanklessDAO, and some reflections on his career so far within web3.

Tony Stark

Discord: tony.stark#5145

Twitter: sudo_okhai 

Today's host: @salmanneedsajob 


0:54 - Tony Stark's interest in AI and being inspired from Iron Man

2:29 - Learn & Earn, & Finding purpose as a developer through web3

8:40 - Joining BanklessDAO & Bootstrapping BanklessAfrica

13:11 - Responsibilities as a Tech Steward in BanklessAfrica

16:18 - Some dev guild projects

20:22 - Working on Mad Hatter

25:44 - DAO career reflections


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Making Bank