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Blue Chip Collector and Educator in Web3 - w/ CrayCreigh (@CrayCreigh) preview

Blue Chip Collector and Educator in Web3 - w/ CrayCreigh (@CrayCreigh)Web3 w/ Me

My guest today is Creigh (https://twitter.com/CrayCreigh), known as Cray Creigh or Dr. Nifty in the verse. He is a thought-leader, community builder, and top-notch trader in the NFT space. He is best known for identifying many top-tier projects early in their life cycles, including Punks, BAYC, Cyberkongz, Cool Cats, Doodles, Proof, and more. He currently leads the Block Party Labs community, and is involved with several others. His role models in the space include Kevin Rose (Proof), Tim Ferriss, and Zeneca (ZenAcademy). He has done this while being a full-time active duty service member living overseas. 

He intends to build out his community and fortify his place in the NFT elite. Creigh welcomes all to join him in his quest for NFT and crypto success.

We discuss all of this and more including:

Creigh’s intro to Web3 and the role of #videogames as a precursor for understanding Web3, leveraging interest in finance and education to start participating and onboarding friends

  • Bitcoin white paper
  • Ethereum white paper

Danger of #FOMO and #aping into buys in crypto and NFTs

NFTs in early 2021 driving Creigh to become a serious market participant and started Block Party Labs in 2021. https://blockpartylabs.io/ 

Defining Web3 and how to onboard only serious participants

What is Block Party Labs? The importance of maintaining small discords to have better conversations.

The alpha of early in Cyberkongz (https://twitter.com/CyberKongz) and Proof currently (https://twitter.com/proof_xyz)

Creigh’s journey as a collector, Flipping way up in Bored Apes ( https://twitter.com/BoredApeYC) and ultimately holding

Opportunities in #PFPs and #GenerativeArt by listening to podcasts, reading substacks and staying disciplined

Mental model for identifying blue chips

  • Who is the creator? Preferably indy over famous 
  • Does he actually like the art? This is key for longterm hold
  • Does the community have fervor and staying power?

Approach to the #bearmarket - psychological gut check for your portfolio allocation and patience

Following the Bankless (https://twitter.com/BanklessHQ) model of getting through the bear market and getting into #buidl mode