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Making Bank: Road to Level 2 with Senad from Stablecoin Research & DAOlationships preview

Making Bank: Road to Level 2 with Senad from Stablecoin Research & DAOlationshipsMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

Senad is the Guild Coordinator at DAOlationships guild and steward of the Stablecoin Research Project for Bankless Africa. In this episode, salmanneedsajob interviews Senad on the week when he was rewarded the Level 2 contributor status within BanklessDAO. The conversation starts with a vibe check on becoming a Level 2 contributor, and then gets into the various projects he's part of and the people that have influenced his journey within the DAO. Among the many valuable insights about DAO work, Senad gets into detail on starting a workgroup from scratch, the benefits of splitting roles, and shares his views on the challenges and opportunities being a DAO contributor today. We hope you enjoy the episode. Timestamps: 0:31 - Introducing Senad 1:46 - L2 vibe check 2:42 - Story of becoming an L2 5:18 - Joining BanklessDAO 7:02 - Getting involved in Research Guild 8:03 - Genesis of Stablecoin Research Project 10:46 - Starting a workgroup from scratch 12: 20 - Advice to new members in the DAO 13:10 - Learnings setting up a workgroup from scratch 15:32 - Idea behind the Stablecoin Research Report 17:38 - Process of creating the report 18:55 - How to get involved in Stablecoin Research Project 20:40 - Becoming Guild Coordinator in DAOlationships 23:46 - Guild incentives as Compensation Model 25:22 - The challenge of Overcommitting 32:24 - Reflecting on your DAO career and growth 34:08 - Why get involved in DAOs Follow on Twitter: Senad: https://twitter.com/0xSenad (https://twitter.com/0xSenad) salmanneedsajob: https://twitter.com/salmanneedsajob (https://twitter.com/salmanneedsajob) Making Bank: https://twitter.com/makingbankpod (https://twitter.com/makingbankpod) --- Today's Host: SalmanNeedsAJob Making Bank is a production of the Podcast Hatchery project at BanklessDAO.  The content presented is strictly for information and entertainment purposes. Not financial, legal, or tax advice.  Do your own research. We greatly appreciate your feedback.  How are we doing?  What can we do better? 30 second survey, two questions, anonymous via Tally form.  Thank you!  https://tally.so/r/melaen (https://tally.so/r/melaen) Making Bank https://twitter.com/makingbankpod (https://twitter.com/makingbankpod) BanklessDAO https://www.bankless.community/ (https://www.bankless.community/) https://twitter.com/banklessDAO (https://twitter.com/banklessDAO)