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Making Bank: JengaJojo on DAO Stewards, SAFE delegated governance, project funding framework preview

Making Bank: JengaJojo on DAO Stewards, SAFE delegated governance, project funding frameworkMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

Today’s guest is JengaJoJo. Jenga joined BanklessDAO in July of 2021, initially becoming active in the translators guild. Among other things, he’s involved with the bDAO Global Events team, where we partnered with 8 events in Season 5 alone. He’s also involved with the newly-formed DAOStewards initiative inside bDAO, which seeks to govern public goods such as the $SAFE governance tokens recently dropped to the BanklessDAO treasury, guilds, and projects.

Discord: jengajojo.eth#5896


Global Events S6 proposal:https://forum.bankless.community/t/bdao-global-crypto-events-s6-proposal/4526

DAO Stewards:


SAFE DAO metagovernance participation proposal:


Project Funding Framework proposal:



02:15 bDAO IMN update, bDAO Global Events update

08:10 What is DAO Stewards?

10:50 Discussing delegated governance and the expression of values

14:35 SafeDAO and the SAFE token drop

16:15 Challenges introduced with multi-signer governance voting

18:20 Project Funding Proposal and its relationship the governance  model

24:15 Discussing questions posed during community call roundtable (Oct21) 

27:00 Closing Thoughts


Today's Host - Droste



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Making Bank