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E.p. 12 [Yield Guild Games] Community Retention & Engagement Tactics in DAOs ~ Mark Tan preview

E.p. 12 [Yield Guild Games] Community Retention & Engagement Tactics in DAOs ~ Mark TanThe Clique Podcast

Tune in to the episode with Mark Tan, Community Product Lead, Yield Guild Games as we discuss lessons learnt about community best practices & retention tactics working with DAOs like OdysseyDAO, DAOMaster & ultimately at his current Community Product role at Yield Guild Games, a community of play to earn gaming guilds.

We talk about:

How Mark wanted to use his PM xp for growing in crypto & how he found his way to the DAO space through DAOMasters

How Mark’s xp with community user testing in product management role & developing skill sets allowed him to flourish as a contributor for multiple DAOs

His experience of becoming a DAO contributor for DAOs like OdysseyDAO & DAOMasters & trying out new skill sets, his overview on what OdysseyDAO’s about & what he learnt from it

An overview about YGG, what’s made YGG successful from his perspective (4 key points) in retaining community

How to build spaces that allow contributors to feel heard & contributor, how moderation & rewarding key behaviour on leaderboards, Guild Advancement Programs (& more!) has worked out for retaining a solid community in YGG

His take on how DAOs should build great products in web3, dealing with market dynamics affecting communities & discussing reputation systems in DAOs

Mark also talks about the roadmap for YGG & the games he’s a fan of

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YGG - Website, Twitter

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