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NFTs are about the Artists preview

NFTs are about the ArtistsWeb3 w/ Me

My guest today is Chris Harper (https://twitter.com/harper__chris). We met purely by happenstance at NFT NYC, but immediately hit it off and after this show you’ll understand why. Chris is a general contractor by day, to fund his passion for NFTs. He has an amazing show called the Ledge, where he interviews NFT artists James Lipton style. He has big ambitions to create a wikipedia/database of profiles on NFT artists. 

This one was one of the most true episodes to my slogan, we vibed hard in the verse about our eerily similar personalties and journey in NFTs. 

Show Notes:

Chris’ beginnings as a BTC maxi, going to see Max Keiser (https://twitter.com/maxkeiser) and Stacy Herbert (https://twitter.com/stacyherbert) rally

Chris’ bear market strategy - Pak, Xcopy, Ness Graphics, and Mycurio cards

The parallels between our journeys, starting with only NiftyGateway and no Opensea or Metamask, how much we spent on our collecting, from writer to podcaster

The vision to create a wikipedia for NFT artists to his new Web3 podcast, The Ledge - exploring deep, personal conversations with artists like James Lipton of Inside the Actors Studio. 

His first guest is Gavin Meeler (https://twitter.com/Gavinmeeler), an Atlantan who was working at Pizza Hut and is now a big time NFT artist


Revisiting my previous guest, Ryland Aldrich’s three part venn diagram for NFT collecting - Trader, Investor, Collector - Chris considers the piece of art as part of which he considers himself

When will we see quality IRL displays for NFTs?

Personal Connection, pairing IRL and NFTs with Snuffy, one of the top tattoo artists in the US and creator on NiftyGateway - https://www.niftygateway.com/@snuffy/collections and https://snuffy.nyc/about

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