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Ep.03 [RnDAO] Facilitating web3 Adoption Through Humane & Collaborative Research ~ Daniel Ospina preview

Ep.03 [RnDAO] Facilitating web3 Adoption Through Humane & Collaborative Research ~ Daniel OspinaThe Clique Podcast

Creating an empowering space for humane collaboration along with a direction built upon the foundation of solid research allows for greater chances of facilitating mainstream DAO adoption & building solid web3 tools

In this episode, tune in to the no holds barred conversation with Daniel Ospina, founder of RnDAO & former head of governance, Aragon as we discuss the start of his career as a Michelin star chef & how that shaped his philosophy working with DAO & the eventual conception of RnDAO, an innovation center focused on research & product initiatives for DAO operations & organizational insights.

We further discuss:

  • His work with organizational design & Aragon that lay the seed for RnDAO
  • DAO contributor situation in 2018 while being a part of Aragon
  • Experiences & problem statements that lead to RnDAO
  • What RnDAO’s about & how his experiences facilitate the RnDAO community mindset
  • Vision of RnDAO & how it operates
  • Brief on RnDAO initiatives & how he expects them to evolve with time
  • Insights from the Research & Compensation guidebook research along with learnings from implementation at RnDAO

Daniel also describes the roadmap ahead for RnDAO & further pathways for you to participate in the journey of RnDAO either as a contributor or to pursue research collaboration with them

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