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Grassroots Community ArtistWeb3 w/ Me

My guest today is Daniel Koeth or DK. DK was one of the first photographers to the We Accept Ash movement, one that is very personal to me as ASH is the cryptocurrency of destruction created by our favorite artist, Pak. That bond along with the fact that I totally connect with his work, has turned into one of the most energizing relationships in recent memory. 

We start the conversation off in an untraditional way, exploring anonymity and pseudonymity. Starting with how I recently changed my Twitter to Zach French and no longer OffEdge, which prompted a deeper discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of being pseudonymous/anonymous in Web3.  

Show Notes:

Siblings “why you should buy one cube” lead DK down the Pak rabbit hole

DK’s career start getting dominated by LA film world to opening a successful small business studio for photography, video, and digital design

You can feel DK’s strong desire to unleash his creative genius on the world and become a full-time artist

Starting off as an investor in NFTs and not thinking they were for photography and how his mindset changed after Del’s first ASH only drop

What it felt like to impulsively list a few photos on opensea and waking up to a sold out collection

How #WeAcceptAsh was his community before DK created anything but also lead demand for his work

Being a part of a community vs. building a community as a creator

Community engagement beyond building a Discord

Friends make the best communities

Thanks for listening! Did you know you can also watch the show on YouTube? Just hit the link below and don't forget to subscribe!

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