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Hypercuriosity and Being Early in Market Cycles - w/ Jameson (@FriendlyJameson) preview

Hypercuriosity and Being Early in Market Cycles - w/ Jameson (@FriendlyJameson)Web3 w/ Me

My guest today is Jameson, known as @FriendlyJameson (https://twitter.com/friendlyjameson)  and viewed as his moonbird in the verse. Jameson started in music, then became an ecommerce founder, and ultimately landed in Web3 because of an innate desire to be early in a market cycle.  We discuss how Jameson learns, his models for approaching NFTs and even the origin of my pseudonym as part of a bigger discussion on reputational risk. 

Show Notes:

How the My First Million Podcast introduced Jameson to NFTs

Jameson’s first piece of art on NiftyGateway - Trevor Jones - which he still owns

Early days of NG trading was not gas wars, but click wars

Early accountability tactics for avoiding feeling he was spending monopoly


Jameson’s learning style, experiential

The role of free education in Web3 - https://www.saylor.org/ 

Misalignment of incentives for our political leaders vs educators


Balaji’s new book The Network State https://open.spotify.com/episode/6eRkkusvlcrW4SjAKe1cef?si=9Ob2r-u6R3uBeS-oX0zjog 

Overwhelming nature of Web3 and avoiding #burnout during max #fomo - https://twitter.com/friendlyjameson/status/1527843037405401090 

UGG culture in US vs AUS

Describing Web3 to boomers, foreshadowing a future Web3 w/ Me

What matters in #Crypto and #NFT when we are not in a bubble in complete euphoria?

Reputational Risk - balancing your pseudonymous/anonymous with your IRL personality

The origin of my pseudonym OffEdge - https://hangingofftheedge.medium.com/ 

Jameson’s view for the future of Web3 as the technology that makes it so unique becomes more ubiquitous

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