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Making Bank: DAO Governance and the bDIP proposal with 0xJustice preview

Making Bank: DAO Governance and the bDIP proposal with 0xJusticeMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

Justice is a member of the GSE team in BanklessDAO. In today’s episode, 0xJustice, as he is popularly known in Discord, discusses the governance system of the DAO, the current proposal under discussion, and how members can participate in the direction of Bankless DAO. He also briefly highlights the way to DAO as a newbie. This episode is both time-sensitive and timeless.  The Forum proposal and related documents discussed can be found at forum.bankless.community (https://forum.bankless.community) under Governance. Direct link to proposal: DAO Constitution & Improvement Proposal (https://forum.bankless.community/t/dao-constitution-improvement-proposal-standard/3676) Justice on Twitter: https://twitter.com/singularityhack Timestamps 00:00 Intro 01:36 Justice's entry into governance 07:10 Our current state in BanklessDAO. A look at where we are 11:35 The DAO constitution improvement proposal standard(bDIP-0) 15:25 The diverse skill set of the GSE team 22:10 A dive into the GSE application. The bDAO leveling structure 26:2Roles, their inception, and journey to becoming a role holder 33:00 Contributor retention 41:00 The sub DAO framework and legal wrappers 54:42 Closing remarks --- Today's Host - Droste https://twitter.com/EffectDrost (https://twitter.com/EffectDrost) --- Making Bank is a production of the Podcast Hatchery project at BanklessDAO.  The content presented is strictly for information and entertainment purposes. Not financial, legal, or tax advice.  Do your own research. We greatly appreciate your feedback.  How are we doing?  What can we do better? 30 second survey, two questions, anonymous via Tally form.  Thank you!  https://tally.so/r/melaen (https://tally.so/r/melaen) Making Bank https://twitter.com/makingbankpod (https://twitter.com/makingbankpod) BanklessDAO https://www.bankless.community/ (https://www.bankless.community/) https://twitter.com/banklessDAO (https://twitter.com/banklessDAO)