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Making Bank: Portable Benefits and Wiping away Medical Debt with Opolis and Rainbow Rolls | KittySlasher preview

Making Bank: Portable Benefits and Wiping away Medical Debt with Opolis and Rainbow Rolls | KittySlasherMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

Today’s guest goes by KittySlasher online. He’s a member of Bankless DAO, and a core contributor at Opolis. Kitty has spent the past 15 years climbing the corporate ladder in telecommunications, and this led him to see the flaws in the current work model and on to a search for something different.

That’s when he found web3 and Opolis where he now spends his days trying to help others escape the monetarily extractive corporate business model we know today.

Discord: Kittyslasher.eth🌈🧻#4392

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kittyslasherETH




Rainbow Rolls NFT



RIP Medical Debt



02:30 Kitty’s background

04:30 The catalysts driving Kitty’s shift to Web3 employment

06:30 Rainbow Rolls and meeting 0xJoshua

10:40 Opolis and the EthDenver connection

11:20 Opolis overview

18:00 Opolis availability in the US and expansion into Canada

19:00 Compliance requirements and considerations

25:00 Member vs non-member contributor participation

31:15 Health benefits and international travel

35:00 On launching in new jurisdictions

37:00 No kittens were harmed.

39:00 How Rainbow Rolls and RIP Medical Debt wipe away medical debt

45:00 Just chatting about Rainbow Roll traits

47:00 Good Morning News, the Rug, and Under the Rug



49:30 Closing thoughts


Today's Host - Droste



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Making Bank