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Season 4, Episode 10, Wayne Murphy of Hatch.Blue preview

Season 4, Episode 10, Wayne Murphy of Hatch.BlueThe Business of Aquaculture

In this episode, Co-Founder & Partner of Hatch.Blue talked to us how to be a global catalyst for Aquaculture And Alternative Seafood Innovation through responsible investment, expertise and insights, supported by a strong, committed community.

Wayne has a wealth of experience in the management, planning and delivery of global acelerador programmes. He has managed a number of acelerador programs across different sectors including Selr8r, a sales focused accelerator run by SOSV, the Bank of Ireland Accelerator and StartPlanetNI, an accelerator project funded by InvestNI and Northern Ireland’s premier startup programme. Over 950 Nuevo emprendimiento companies have applied to join these programmes from 55+ countries. He has consulted on various other startup programme, is a mentor @RebelBio and an Advisory Board Member @SXSW. He holds a HDip in Business Management & Strategy and is co-founder and CEO of StartPlanet. Happy listening!