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State of Web3 Marketing: Brand = Community preview

State of Web3 Marketing: Brand = CommunityWeb3 w/ Me

My guest today is Brennen Schlueter(https://twitter.com/brennenschlu). Brennen has spent a decade building brands at the intersection of innovation and culture including Jordan, Robinhood, Amazon Music, and most recently was Head of Marketing at web3 company RabbitHole. He co-founded web3 marketing community JUMP (https://twitter.com/jumperstweeting). After a decade of investing in crypto, he’s excited to see the expansion of the technology to bring in the next generation of crypto users via web3 brands.

Show Notes:

Brennen’s Core Philosophy and Role

  1. 2 people - Company & Audience
  2. Between Company and Audience is:

  • Empathy
  • Curiosity
  • Courage

  1. Brand definition

  • Not the product or company
  • Its relationship they are built between a community and the product or services offered

  1. Brennen’s role as marketer 

  • In-house audience advocate 
  • Intersection of brand and tech and culture

What is the evolution of marketing? - How did we get here?

  1. Shouting AT you
  2. Becomes a conversation
  3. Now, a complete blur of the line between brand and community, ownership of a brand by its community

What is the current state of Web3 Marketing?

  1. Hype and financialization
  2. Not a lot of great businesses…yet.
  3. Great ideas, theories and experiences
  4. UX and Comms - reminiscent of internet in early Web2
  5. Brands starting to listen - the Web3 community is incentivized to shout (write twitter threads) about why they love a brand

What is the future of Web3 marketing? 

  1. Communication - progressive decentralization
  2. Data - Avoid top-of-funnel, bc on-chain data is pure conversion data
  3. Empathy - embrace the Web3 perception problem in campaigns like Brennen did here https://thedefiant.io/airdrops-data-dive and https://twitter.com/brennenschlu/status/1575605593724682240?s=20&t=Q0JCeMo8z1lv0YHjPBdCRw 
  4. MarTech - complete reboot to accommodate new community/brand dynamic
  5. Perception - abstract away blame on the underlying technology for core societal issues
  6. Internal - Mktg and brand face massive restructure
  7. Diligence - stress test this technology against all of our human anxieties             

What are some Web3 brands to watch?

  1. Rainbow - beautiful design
  2. Doodles - here to make the world smile
  3. Bankless - full control of finances without traditional finance involvement
  4. Others from brennen - https://twitter.com/brennenschlu/status/1584249429862731776?s=20&t=Q0JCeMo8z1lv0YHjPBdCRw

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