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DAOPlanet.NYC 2022 | Attendee Interviews preview

DAOPlanet.NYC 2022 | Attendee InterviewsCrypto Sapiens

Hello, and welcome to a very special episode of Crypto Sapiens. We recently traveled to New York to attend NFT NYC and the various DAO-related events being hosted that same week. Today’s episode features conversations with some of the speakers and guests at the DAOPlanet NYC event.  DAOPlanet NYC presented an opportunity to connect with the top thinkers and operators in the DAO space.  The 2-day program encompassed legal structures and considerations, tokenization and tokenomics, regulatory implications, governance and strategy, and so much more. We hope the conversations we captured, give you a glimpse into the diversity of topics and people at the event. And an extra thank you to the people and projects who shared their time with us for this episode. To learn more about DAOPlanet, and to access the full archive of their event, please go to DAOPlanet.org and on Twitter at @DAOPlanet_ Thank you for listening to Crypto Sapiens. If you enjoyed this episode and would like us to do more of this, please follow and message us on Twitter @Cryptosapiens_ We deeply appreciate it if you would give us a 5-star review wherever you enjoy your podcasts. It costs zero dollars to you, means the world to us, and helps others discover this content too. You can also find more conversations like this one by visiting our archives on our website www.cryptosapiens.xyz