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Bridging Automotive Experiences w/ Web3 preview

Bridging Automotive Experiences w/ Web3Web3 w/ Me

My guest today is Keith Wilson (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kowilson1/). Keith is the founder and CEO of Klearcoat Labs, a Web3 company that empowers automotive brands to bring their legendary IP to life through non-fungible tokens. A veteran executive in the automotive industry, Keith is leveraging his decade of experience to build  a bridge between the auto industry and the Web3 community. 

Show Notes:

What lessons can you take from a f500 to a DAO to help move the needle?

  1. Internal relationship management - speaking the language of various teams, meeting them where they are
  2. Data -  competitive benchmarking, traditional sales data, profit/loss data, and customer data
  3. Go-to-market - marketing that only highlights the new feature, comparisons to other similar features across the market

How do you bridge the gap between traditional automotive companies and Web3?

  1. Onboarding - giving purchasers of cars the option to go and personalize a digital version
  2. Expansion of digital use cases - building a digital car from scratch and playing with it
  3. Integration with traditional use cases - priority for service appointments
  4. Using IRL touchpoints - car companies are everywhere, like stadiums, let the digital vehicle provide a unique experience
  5. Collaboration w/ Non-Automotive Brands

Launching a Consumer Strategy in Midst of Bear Market

  1. Utility - not just a jpeg, partnerships
  2. Price - reasonable to macroenvironment
  3. Blockchain Selection - consumer friendly, previous partnerships 
  4. Leveraging Concept Vehicle - they can’t build IRL, but they can build digital

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