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Making Bank: Mass Effect, Cryptonexus, and the GSE with Manuel Maccou preview

Making Bank: Mass Effect, Cryptonexus, and the GSE with Manuel MaccouMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

Today's guest is Manuel Maccou. Manuel currently holds an elected position at Bankless DAO on the recently formed governance solutions engineer group, or GSE. He is also part of the Genesis team at Cryptonexus, an IRL crypto education workshop for business professionals. We also talk about his forum post of June nine regarding an education partnership between Bankless DAO and Mass Effect, a proposal that seeks to connect learners to subject matter experts via incentive structures.


02:00 Manuel’s learning path and what brought him into crypto and web3

05:30 His Bankless DAO journey and his current elected role in the GSE group

09:15 Everyone can be an educator

13:00 The concept behind Mass Effect

17:30 CryptoNexus in-person workshops for business professionals

24:30 Discussion summary and closing remarks

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/manuelmaccou

Discord: ManuelMaccou#6974

Forum post introducing Mass Effect Forum.bankless.community

Mass Effect gitbook docs: This is Mass Effect

Mass Effect on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MassEffect__ 


Today's Host - Droste



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Making Bank