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Ep. 08 [DeepWork Studios] Musing about Effective DAO Design & Contributor Culture ~ Andrej Berlin preview

Ep. 08 [DeepWork Studios] Musing about Effective DAO Design & Contributor Culture ~ Andrej BerlinThe Clique Podcast

Tune in to this baller episode with Andrej Berlin, Founder of DeepWork Studios, a decentralised design studio who’s had the the EF, Consensys, Arbitrum etc as clients on design projects as we chat about how DeepWork Studios was conceived & the insights he’s gained building a collective of project oriented contributors & the consequent organizational design that can shape how DAOs design for their community & work based attestations.

We talk about:

His background & inspiration for launching DAOs

Why he feels the term DAO is generalized

The experiences that lead to operational processes at DeepWork being iterated for long term contracts to project oriented ops - setting up education modules for contributors as onboarding mechanisms, setting up in built reputation systems & project based work commitments

What his product DeepSkills’s all about

How organizations should set up valuable attestations for contributors & inspire retention

How DAOs currently have inefficient org design

Setting up effective org design, why he believes people don’t adhere to blatant incentives alone & setting up spaces for letting people do what’s effective & remove the space for ineffective activity

Why project based workstream is effective rather than long term contracts, debating about salary based work vs project mentality affecting team culture & weaving in reputation & token ownership as the balancer

How to weave in transparency pragmatically within the DAO

Andrej also provides advice that can help service DAOs to survive the bear market & thrive for the long term.

Important Links:

Andrej Berlin: Twitter

DeepWork Studios: Twitter, Website, Case Studies

Stafford Beer’s Viable System Model Paper - Link


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