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Making Bank - Featuring ComebackKid from the Legal Guild preview

Making Bank - Featuring ComebackKid from the Legal GuildMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

In today's episode we chat with Mike Rabinovici aka ComeBackKid on Discord, a self-described ‚Äúrecovering lawyer‚ÄĚ and member of Bankless DAO.¬† He is an occasional writer for the Legal Guild‚Äôs Decentralized Law newsletter and hosts its new podcast series called Ab Initio which features leading practitioners addressing DAO and crypto-related legal issues. Twitter:¬† @mikerabinovici¬†¬† (https://twitter.com/mikerabinovici)¬† Discord: ComeBackKid#3480 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikerabinovici/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikerabinovici/) Subscribe to the Decentralized Law newsletter https://banklessdao.substack.com/s/decentralized-law (https://banklessdao.substack.com/s/decentralized-law) BanklessDAO Legal Guild is excited to announce the launch of its podcast series ‚Äď Ab Initio. Each episode features a leading legal practitioner addressing current DAO/Crypto related legal issues. Listen to the first episode of Ab Initio with Ben Melnicki¬† on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/show/2ra88fwZoBh9OuCneRimqZ?si=3ffe350a7a36433a&nd=1) and follow #abinitio on Twitter --- Today's Host - Droste https://twitter.com/EffectDrost (https://twitter.com/EffectDrost) Making Bank is a production of the Podcast Hatchery project at BanklessDAO.¬† The content presented is strictly for information and entertainment purposes. Not financial, legal, or tax advice.¬† Do your own research. We greatly appreciate your feedback.¬† How are we doing?¬† What can we do better? 30 second survey, two questions, anonymous via Tally form.¬† Thank you!¬† https://tally.so/r/melaen (https://tally.so/r/melaen) Making Bank https://twitter.com/makingbankpod (https://twitter.com/makingbankpod) BanklessDAO https://www.bankless.community/ (https://www.bankless.community/) https://twitter.com/banklessDAO (https://twitter.com/banklessDAO)