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Making Bank - Marketing Guild with Ornella and Mr. V preview

Making Bank - Marketing Guild with Ornella and Mr. VMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

BanklessDAO Marketing Guild with Ornella and Mr. V Today’s guests are Ornella and Mr. V, here to talk about the BanklessDAO Marketing Guild.  Ornella is its Talent Coordinator and  Mr. V is its Governance Coordinator. We discuss how marketing in Web3 is different, what it means to have branding in a decentralized organization, and what the guild is doing to help BanklessDAO and its partners deliver more thoughtful storytelling.   We also discuss how the guild is building a talent pool and how you can get involved. --- Ornella https://twitter.com/OrnellaWeb3 (https://twitter.com/HiroKennelly) --- Today's Host - Droste https://twitter.com/EffectDrost (https://twitter.com/EffectDrost) --- Making Bank is a production of the Podcast Hatchery project at BanklessDAO.  The content presented is strictly for information and entertainment purposes. Not financial, legal, or tax advice.  Do your own research. We greatly appreciate your feedback.  How are we doing?  What can we do better? 30 second survey, two questions, anonymous via Tally form.  Thank you!  https://tally.so/r/melaen (https://tally.so/r/melaen) Making Bank https://twitter.com/makingbankpod (https://twitter.com/makingbankpod) BanklessDAO https://www.bankless.community/ (https://www.bankless.community/) https://twitter.com/banklessDAO (https://twitter.com/banklessDAO)