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Ep . 20 [SCRF] Off the Cuff Convo about SCRF & Just Humaning Better ~ Eugene Leventhal preview

Ep . 20 [SCRF] Off the Cuff Convo about SCRF & Just Humaning Better ~ Eugene LeventhalThe Clique Podcast

The energy of web3 represents a massive potential in re-shaping the research ecosystem, made inefficient by centralized funding hubs & bureaucracy. The borderline naive but passionate bunch of people coordinating & finding ways to govern better at a never seen before scale across verticals is insane. However without the right reference points, without accepting the need to human better & learning to separate the right signals from the noise, web3 may be in danger of being a replica of its predecessors

This is not your typical web3 convo, this is an off the cuff, thought provoking chat. Eugene Leventhal, Executive Director for SCRF, a grants funded web3 community for academics, researchers, and industry leaders to share research and solicit thoughtful peer review joins us to discuss exactly about these topics

He gets into:

Background handling partnership roles for Carnegie Mellon University before founding his way to SCRF

What SCRF’s all about & the motivation behind the creation of SCRF such as poor peer review, lack of a proper fundraising network etc

How the research ecosystem turned out to be inefficient paving opportunities for a collaborative deSci ecosystem

How the energy around wanting to solve these issues, the experimentation in governance & trying to human better are the factors behind his bet for web3 making an impact

Eugene also rails passionately about the gap of puff piece ideology vs the reality within web3 going forward & just learning to human better.

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