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Memes are Religion for Web3 - Ryland Aldrich preview

Memes are Religion for Web3 - Ryland AldrichWeb3 w/ Me

My guest today is Ryland Aldrich (https://twitter.com/RylandAldrich), or IAmRyland.eth in the verse. He is a filmmaker with over a decade of experience as a producer of feature films, series, and podcast projects. He is an avid collector of digital art and a web3 evangelist. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Ryland currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

The 3 types of NFT persons - Trader, Investor and Collector

The lack of diversity in the space and the way forward

How we tackled NFT.NYC 2022 and the impact of the Deadfellaz (https://twitter.com/Deadfellaz) party

The bear market

6529, 6529, 6529 and their infinite wisdom - https://twitter.com/punk6529

Religion as a meme - meme as a unit of societal measurement; memes provide shared culture because of shared beliefs

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