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Ep.02 [BanklessDAO] Savvy Social Operations & Community Engagement ~ Jaris James preview

Ep.02 [BanklessDAO] Savvy Social Operations & Community Engagement ~ Jaris JamesThe Clique Podcast

The DAO ecosystem is all about collaboration & initiative. In order to really thrive in it, you  find & excel in the right niche to perform & build relationships with the right circles. And have fun doing it, obviously! Any community that facilitates this form of social engagement & excitement publicly will boom in social media.

In this rollercoaster ride of an episode, we’ve Jaris James, a contributor to BanklessDAO & WildfireDAO talking with a lot of heart about his life before crypto & how he found his way to BanklessDAO.

(Bonus point if you figure out the dude’s fav movie)

We also talk about:

  • His early days & contribution to BanklessDAO
  • His advice for newbies who want to participate in a DAO, how entrepreneurial instincts goes a long way within a DAO & the DAO operators he looks up to
  • How Jaris gives his best contributing to multiple DAOs + building ‘The Kliq’
  • What Wildfire DAO’s all about
  • How he used social listening, engagement tactics & keyword research for helping out DAOs
  • Cool alpha on how to mobilize & get the community excited for consistent engagement & how they aid social media exposure as well (community ops ppl, get it while it’s hot)
  • His pick of DAOs & web3 projects that have massive potential to succeed in the next couple of years

Key Links (Twitter)

Jaris James

Projects: BanklessDAO, WildfireDAO, Aavegotchi, Across Protocol, Akash Network, Truts, idriss_xyz, rep3, NodeStarDAO, CultDAO, ChippiNFT

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