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Making Bank: Recap featuring Tesa | GPe | TohlHouseCookie | ComebackKid | Perchy preview

Making Bank: Recap featuring Tesa | GPe | TohlHouseCookie | ComebackKid | PerchyMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast


01:15 Tesa on the Fight Club project and her journey from the trading floor to web3

Episode reference: https://making-bank.sounder.fm/episode/making-bank-episode-2-featuring-ultrasound-mer

06:30 GPe on corporate work, motherhood, and joining the Translators Guild

Episode reference:


12:15 TohlhouseCookie on breaking away from the corporate world

Episode reference: https://making-bank.sounder.fm/episode/making-bank-episode-1-featuring-podcast-hatche

14:50 ComebackKid from the Legal Guild on his journey and the community aspects of web3

Episode reference:


22:00 Perchy on storytelling through illustration, how bDAO inspired him to create Chippi NFT characters and the Bankless Nation series of illustrations.

Episode reference:



Today's Host- Droste



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Making Bank