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Making Bank: Orange Protocol with Humpty Calderon preview

Making Bank: Orange Protocol with Humpty CalderonMaking Bank: A BanklessDAO Podcast

Orange is a reputation and trust minting protocol that aggregates data and Web3 reputation models to generate comprehensive reputation proofs in the form of Verifiable Credentials and NFTs.

It can be used to objectively calculate and assess the "reputation" for a Decentralized Identifier (DID), and associated wallet addresses. It takes multiple data points into account to assess user behavior and preferences.

User data can be processed and manifested as "minted reputation" to be stored, exchanged, and used in different forms, such as Verifiable Credentials (VCs), or NFTs.

Today’s guest is Humpty Calderon.

Humpty is perhaps best known around Bankless DAO for CryptoSapiens, a web3 podcast series that got its start as “Tuesday Talks” inside the Bankless DAO Discord server in mid 2021.

Today Humpty joins us to talk about Orange Protocol, a reputation and trust minting protocol that aggregates data and Web3 reputation models to generate Verifiable Credentials and NFTs.

Humpty hosts regular meetups in the Los Angeles area, and will also be attending and speaking at MCON in Denver in September.

Humpty Calderon

Discord: Humpty#6939

Twitter: https://twitter.com/humptycalderon

Orange Protocol




01:37 Background on how he joined the space

04:30 Orange Protocol

05:32 Some technology on which it's built

10:48 A couple of use cases

15:37 Building reputation

20:49 High level touchpoints

23:21 Verifiable credentials and Soul Bound Tokens

25:11 The current state of Orange Protocol/activities coming up

30:38 Closing remarks


Today's Host - Droste



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Making Bank