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Ep. 07 [LlamaDAO] Diving into DAO2DAO model of governance ~ Puncar preview

Ep. 07 [LlamaDAO] Diving into DAO2DAO model of governance ~ PuncarThe Clique Podcast

As DAOs continue to experiment with the frontier of cutting edge tech, there will be a lot of operational pockets that the community may not have the expertise. And taking uninformed governance calls on such decisions may lead to a major backfire hampering the progress of the protocol.

Tune in to this episode where Puncar, co-founder of Bankless Consulting & contributor to DAOs like GitcoinDAO, LlamaDAO, IndexCoop etc makes the case for DAO2DAO governance where serviceDAOs can fill in the expertise gap & direct DAOs in the right direction by becoming a delegate for such protocols

We talk about

  • His background & how he found his way to DAOs
  • His experience working with these DAOs
  • Governance in general & how current governance processes has issues that hamper the DAO’s progress
  • A brief about DAO2DAO governance & how service DAOs such as LlamaDAO make good stewards for protocols like MakerDAO
  • We also chat about the grey areas of this form of governance & Puncar’s advice on how getting involved with the community deeply & focusing on key competence is key to being a good steward

Important Links

Puncar - Twitter

DAO Govenance Sessions - Twitter

How to DAO book - Twitter

Puncar’s ETHCc talk about DAO2DAO governance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51JCyQOmvq8

DAOs that Puncar contributes to: Bankless Consulting, BanklessDAO, IndexCoop, LlamaDAO, GitcoinDAO

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