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Ep. 14[MetricsDAO] - How to build a cohesive community of data analysts ~ Drake Danner preview

Ep. 14[MetricsDAO] - How to build a cohesive community of data analysts ~ Drake DannerThe Clique Podcast

Tune in to the episode with Drake Danner, Ops Manager for MetricsDAO as we discuss the origin story of MetricsDAO & how around the key components of a strong community culture, high quality educational onramps & the integration of xMetrics within bounty ops has created a cohesive community of data analysts that cater to partners like Uniswap, OlympusDAO & Messari We talk about: His background before entering crypto, working with Flipside Crypto & what Flipside Crypto’s all about What Flipside Crypto differentiates itself compared to Dune Analytics & Messari, why he prefers Flipside Crypto’s community first approach by incentivizing analysts How the potential of cultivating a large pool of analytics talent & a space for open building of passion projects in analytics lead to the origin of MetricsDAO What MetricsDAO’s all about, its vision & how his xp with the community has evolved with time How the DAO structure of MetricsDAO looks like & the thought process behind it Getting into the culture of MetricsDAO & the enthusiasm of the analyst community to build the DAO together How the bounty system within MetricsDAO is structured, criteria for good bounty submissions & how analysts have responded to the bounty submission cycles How the unexpected, emergent launch of educational onramps & resources within MetricsDAO developed strong cohesion within the MetricsDAO analyst network Drake’s advice for DAOs looking to develop educational courses & onramps The structure behind MetricsDAO’s native token xMetrics, how it’s the key to an inbuilt reputation system within the DAO & why it’s non transferable Drake also talks about how MetricsDAO has dealt with market dynamics, how to reward contributors in various stages. He gives his 2 gwei about how to build reputation systems for your DAO from his xp with MetricsDAO & the roadmap ahead for MetricsDAO. Important Links Drake Danner - Twitter MetricsDAO - Website, Twitter Follow us at Abhishek Ajit - Twitter Abhishek Sonawane - Twitter