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How to turn a traditional business into a DAO | Samantha Marin, Communications & Growth - Aragon DAO preview

How to turn a traditional business into a DAO | Samantha Marin, Communications & Growth - Aragon DAOCrypto Sapiens

Guest Intro 0. 00 - 2.37  Transition to Bankless DAO 2.37 - 6.30  Writing and its contribution to DAOs and web3 6.30 - 15.00  Writing and exploration of Aragon 15.00 - 20.03  Expectation, Commitment and the Freedom in BanklessDAO 20.03 - 26.24  Gaining Equity in DAOs 26.24 28.20  Recognition of Plans 28.20 - 29.19  Reasons why Aragon becomes a DAO 29.19 - 37.09 Welcome back to Crypto Sapiens. Today we are talking with Samantha Marin, author of the Quorum Newsletter and Core contributor in writing and comms at Aragon. Samantha recounts her discovery of DAOs as an early subscriber to Bankless and becoming an early contributor to Bankless DAO.  She describes her experience working in a traditional startup wanting equity in the project she was helping to build and how being remunerated for her work at BanklessDAO in $BANK, their governance token, was a monumental step in the direction of what she had been seeking. Of course, there are challenges with bounty pay too.  She recalls times when she attended meetings and participated in retrospectives that added value to the DAO but didn’t see any compensation for it. She consistently produced articles and other tangible work to earn a sustainable income. We compare the flexibility of bounty pay vs the stability of salary payment.  We also talk about the emergent structure in DAOs vs centralized organizations seeking to decentralize and the challenges in both. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Samantha. She is an incredibly gifted writer tackling many crucial topics both through her blog and at Aragon. Many of the topics we discussed have inspired me to be more thoughtful about how we structure decentralized organizations and build incentive mechanisms. If you’d like to connect with Samantha, you can find her on Twitter @ samanthajmarin and her blog at quorumnewsletter.xyz  And to learn more about Aragon, go to aragon.org and on Twitter at @ aragonproject Thanks for listening to Crypto Sapiens. It costs zero dollars, means the world to us, and helps others discover this content. If you enjoyed this episode, please give us a 5-star review wherever you enjoy your podcasts. You can also find more conversations like this one by visiting our website @ cryptosapiens.xyz. I look forward to reconnecting with you at our subsequent discussion.  Crypto Sapiens is produced in partnership with Bankless DAO.  https://bankless.community   --- Crypto Sapiens hosts lively discussions with innovative Web3 builders to help everyone learn about decentralized money systems, including Ethereum, Bitcoin and DeFi. https://www.cryptosapiens.xyz/ https://twitter.com/CryptoSapiens https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC26aOc_4vSGiQATW1V4e9Tw https://www.instagram.com/cryptosapiensofficial/ https://www.facebook.com/CryptoSapiens-Podcast-107678875061018 Connect with Humpty Calderon https://twitter.com/humptycalderon --- --- Not financial or tax advice. This channel is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. Talk to your accountant. Do your own research.