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Key to Web3’s Future: Look Backwards preview

Key to Web3’s Future: Look BackwardsWeb3 w/ Me

My guest today is Giuseppe Stuto (https://twitter.com/gstuto), who is the first repeat guest on Web3 w/ Me. He is the first US-born member of his family who was from Italy. He is a deep technical thinker who does a great job of using analogies to explain his outlook on investing in Web3. He founded his first company fresh out of college, and sold it to DraftKings a few years later. Giuseppe started angel investing while at DraftKings, and ultimately partnered up to form 186ventures. He plays on his unique technical experience as a founder to help provide a value add to his portfolio companies. We go deep on the potential for Web3 infrastructure and developer tools.

Show Notes:


Current State of Web3 Investment

- Hypothesis:  slow down of crypto native capital allocators

- 6-9 months ago, capital flowing into consumer brands and creator teams

- Shifting bc of missing infrastructure needed to enable better UX

- Corporate Sponsors - still very active, but know their role

- Is there enough opps to fund?

- Founder focus - build > growth

- Funding Experimentation vs. Catalyzing Growth

- Web3 perception problem is rooted in Web3 ego:

- Too much focus on novel terminology

- Too much focus on solving problems in a novel way

- Companies are companies and they solve the same problems

- Teams and responsibilities are the same

- Meetings with investors are still about marketing, sales, operations, etc.

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