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Ep. 16 [Impact Networks] DAO Org Design: An Impact Networks Viewpoint ~ David Ehrlichman preview

Ep. 16 [Impact Networks] DAO Org Design: An Impact Networks Viewpoint ~ David EhrlichmanThe Clique Podcast

In this episode, David Ehrlichman, author of Impact Networks (the book that’s centralized the attention of the DAO space) & co-founder of Hats Protocol, joins us to discuss his views on DAO org design & how to reshape them from the lens of his xp observing & working closely with impact networks

We talk about:

His background & work done with collective networks before his entry to the DAO space through Zach Anderson, partner at Converge & co-founder of Coordinape

His views on what makes DAOs stand apart in terms of traditional impact networks he’s come to work about

His views on how DAOs should design for facilitating network leadership & in-built trust across workstreams & weaving in how Hats Protocol could facilitate effective delegation, accountability for roles & fundamental composability for DAO native orgs

Why a certain section of DAOs are afraid of structure & how DAOs should think of a minimum viable structure for their communities

How to deal with subDAOs going independent & putting the broader collective in a tough spot, weaving in reputation systems within these DAOs for accountability

David also discusses with the duo about other DAO design ideas, but if you wanna know what they’re, do check out the episode! ;)

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Hats Protocol:  Twitter

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