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Ep. 11 [Aavegotchi GMI Guild] - A Role Model for Community Guilds looking to foster ecosystem cultures ~ Anthony Shepherd, Cale Moody & NoFuturistic preview

Ep. 11 [Aavegotchi GMI Guild] - A Role Model for Community Guilds looking to foster ecosystem cultures ~ Anthony Shepherd, Cale Moody & NoFuturisticThe Clique Podcast

DAOs allow communities to contribute & inspire the crowd like never before. Facilitating the initiative & a space is key to building a devoted community who cares. Tune in to this episode with Anthony“Zombie ''Shepherd, Mycaleum & NoFuturistic from the GMI Guild, a content creators collective dedicated to intensifying the culture & vibes of the Aavegotchi ecosystem.

This guild is a prime example of how web3 ecosystems can build community run media guilds that really make people care about the vision of what’s being built

We get into:

Their background before web3, how a spirit of independence & entrepreneurial initiative form the theme of their alignment with being a DAO operator

How they found the promised land, the Gotchiverse & how the open nature of the community inspired them to contribute in fun ways, what Aavegotchi the MMORPG game’s all about & the eventual metamorphosis of the community that can offer tremendous diversity of xps

How the community has been a part of the shared vision since day 1, voting on tooling, how the game should be structured & what it means for the community

How the AavegotchiDAO structure looks like, the roles of the DAO Treasury Force, wearables Task Force & Arcade Task Force

How PixelCraft Studios inspired the community to contribute to the journey of Aavegotchi

How GMI turned out to be an independent guild from the AavegotchiDAO, influencing the culture of Aavegotchi, creating content & events such as the Aavegotchi art auction, Artist Summit that make the welcoming culture to engage the Gotchiverse

Listen to what the trio says from 51:25 - a phenomenal convo about how the GMI guild facilitates the Gotchiverse to thrive - simple thing as inspiring people to contribute without critiquing, patience & really caring for people

We also talk about how they plan to convert the mainstream audience, roadmaps ahead for Aavegotchi as a game, the DAO & the GMI & stay tuned for the end, a spontaneous segment for the Gotchiverse

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